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Yossy H

This will be the First Jewish album that I purchase in a long time.

The Musical Tribute is unique, insightful and inspiring. The message and presentation are great. It appeals and resonates with the whole gamut of Bal Habatim, from seasoned attendees to newcomers.

Rabbi Yisroel Mangel

Cincinnati, OH

We just finished a pre Gimmel Tamuz event with Reb Ruvi, I have no words to describe how incredible the performance was. It has exceeded my expectations b'ein aroch.

In a short hour and fifteen minutes Ruvi shared deep and moving ideas through story and original English songs. From Basi L'gani to Shemsh Bgivon Doim, from Mivtzoim to Sunday dollars. The story of Miryam Bas Bilga, and the story of the Rebbe davening in tefilin on a train in Russia and more ...

On a personal note, in addition to what it did for my community, it did wonders for me as a Chosid of the Rebbe. It was a real Farbrengen of gaaguim and expression of love to our Rebbe.

I highly recommended Rabbi Ruvi New as a program that will bring the Rebbe to your people in a way most of us can't. And did I say, Ruvi has an excellent voice?​

Rabbi Avrohom Sternberg

New London, CT

When it comes to the challenge of connecting a very secular crowd with the Nosi HaDor, nothing compares to the capacity of a Shliach with incredible talent. Rabbi Ruvi New is first and foremost a Shliach – he highlights the deepest ideas and themes through which the Rebbe defined his leadership of the Jewish People, and he does so with the passion of a true Chossid. At the same time, Ruvi captures his audience’s imagination through beautiful singing and very clear lyrics. I sat through the event feeling very close to what I felt at a Farbrengen – but our community was right there with us.

Rabbi Yossi Deren

Greenwich, CT

We had the great fortune to feature Rabbi Ruvi New at our Gimmel Tammuz program last year.

Rabbi New masterfully shared many beautiful and deep ideas from the Rebbe, articulated simply and clearly through song, in an enjoyable and pleasant manner. The concert was entertaining as well as engaging and the diverse crowd was inspired and touched by the hartzige stories and messages interspersed between the songs. Personally, I enjoyed the farbrengen as well.​

Rabbi Levi Greenberg

El Paso, TX

We thank you for coming and inspiring my community about the Rebbe in honor of Gimmel Tammuz! It was a wonderful evening and the oilam thoroughly enjoyed the stories and anecdotes.​

Rabbi Berl Levertov

Santa Fe, NM

Rabbi Ruvi New performed in Malibu for our Gimmle Tammuz event. Rabbi New has a beautiful voice and put great effort in weaving the deep messages of Chassidus in his presentation. Between his songs and power point, he introduces the Rebbe's mission statement in a poetic and artful way.

Rabbi Levi Cunin

Malibu, CA


Rabbi Ruvi New


A highly sought after speaker and lecturer, Rabbi New’s online classes are viewed by thousands around the globe each week. He speaks on a wide range of topics including relationships, Jewish history through the lense of Kabbalah, A Spiritual perspective on the origins of terrorism.  Living a Passionate Jewish Life and more.


Thank you for providing our Encino community with a most inspirational "Scholar on Residence" weekend this past Shabbos. Both my wife and I were extremely impressed by the depth and profundity of your presentation, your pleasant and delightful delivery and of course, the substance of your Yud Shevat message. The feedback was only good. The weekend was a 10! Well done! Thank you.

Yaasher Koach.​

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon A'H

Encino, CA

Rabbi Ruvi New connected with our community in a way that affected every attendee of our Yud shvat Shabbaton. He has a way with words that awakens the inner spirit of the listener and is a master story teller. Our community is made up of a cross section of people from various Jewish backgrounds, old timers and newcomers, Young adults and senior supporters. He reached all of them on their level as he has a unique ability to engage his audience. In addition, Rabbi New presented a Chassidic musical tribute to the Rebbe at our Melave Malka program which left his audience with a deep appreciation of the Rebbe's teachings and created a yearning in their soul to connect on a deeper level. It was a fantastic weekend that brought our people several notches closer to the Rebbe and Chabad.​

Rabbi Yossi Groner

Charlotte, NC

Rabbi New is an articulate and passionate presenter of Jewish and chasidic concepts in a warm down to earth manner that is accessible and relevant. Rabbi New was very warmly received by our community who were uplifted and inspired by his presentations.

Rabbi Chaim Block 

San Antonio, TX

Thank you for a most inspiring, uplifting, and joyful Shabatton weekend with your visit to our Chabad community in Nashville. Your lectures were intellectually stimulating, your stories were filled with warmth and inspiration, and your Saturday night gig with The mystical Havdalah service, followed by the concerts of song and music was enjoyed by all of our community. People have commented how uplifting and joyful the evening was. We highly recommend any Chabad House that is looking to have an inspirational and enjoyable weekend to invite Rabbi Ruvi New as a visiting scholar in residence.

Rabbi Yitchok Tiechtel

Nashville, TN

Rabbi Ruvi New did a phenomenal job headlining our community Shabbaton. He connected well with the crowd, really drawing them in to his presentations, and captivated them with talks that were relevant, poignant and engaging. The highlight for many of us was his concert performance Motzei Shabbos. It was lively, upbeat, uplifting, and got everyone going. The energy in the room was incredible! People told me afterwards that we just HAVE to do this every Saturday night to get the week started right ... :)

Rabbi Ari Sollish

Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Shalom Moishe Paltiel, Chabad of P

Rabbi Shalom Moshe Paltiel 

Chabad of Port Washington, NY

Last night we hosted Ruvi New for a pre Gimmel Tammuz tribute dinner and concert, singing his amazingly powerful, geshmake songs in English

describing various aspects of the Rebbe.


It was an amazing event, people identified with the songs and connected to the message. Ruvi also ‘farbrengs’ between songs about the themes and it

brings everyone in.  BH very special evening, hopefully iyH a peulah nimsheches with hachlotos and a communal trip to the ohel next week.

Rabbi Yossie Nemes, Chabad of Metairie,

Rabbi Yossie Nemes

Chabad of Metairie, LA

We had Ruvi last night and I cannot agree more with Sholom Moshe. It was a soul warming and enjoyable experience. The songs, lyrics and stories are beautiful and bring out the Rebbe in a unique way.


I would say at least 20 percent of the people who came for Ruvi's program never came to any other Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen or speaker about the Rebbe. A good percentage of the 80 percent, who have come in the past, were reached in a way they were not previously.

Rabbi Mendel Block, Plano TX..jpg

Rabbi Mendel Block 

Plano, TX

Dear Ruvi, It was a pleasure hosting you in Dallas for a joint tribute to the Rebbe of all the Chabad’s in North Texas.


Your Musical Presentation woven together with stories, commentary and songs was well received. It was a most original way to give the Olam a taste of who the Rebbe is, and of his vision and guidance in such a short amount of time. Your intro to each song was short and to the point and just enough for them to follow the song and learn more as the song and its’s lyrics unfolded. Yasher Koach for crafting this program and for being matriach to travel all over  to bring the Rebbe to Am Yisroel.

Rabbi Mendy Cohen - Scholar - Large

Rabbi Mendy Cohen

Sacramento, CA

We had a fantastic event last night with all the 10 shluchim of the Greater Sacramento area, with Rabbi Ruvi New and Bentzi Marcus. It was so inspiring, Rabbi New has an amazing way of bringing the Rebbe to the people, in a very creative way. Also, many community members  spoke about their relationship with the Rebbe. I highly recommend hiring Rabbi New for an event.

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