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The Last Time You Waved Goodbye

On this Hebrew date of 27 Adar in 1992, as the Rebbe stood and prayed at the Ohel for the thou

sands who had sought his blessing, he suffered a massive stroke. Two years later, on the same date, he had yet another stroke. Though these events impaired his ability to communicate, through his published and recorded teachings and exemplary life of selfless service, his light continues to shine through his Chassidim and admirers the world over.

A photo of the Rebbe leaving to the Ohel that day is the inspiration behind this song- “The Last Time You Waved Goodbye”. World-renowned composer Yossi Green, composed the melody and joined me for the vocals as well.

Many thanks to Yossi for lending his incredible talent to this song, to Bentzy Marcus who originally produced the song for my album Storm the World, and to my nephew Menashe New for producing the video.

I hope the Rebbe's life inspires you, and that you share the inspiration with others.

Rabbi Ruvi New

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