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The Last Time You Waved Goodbye

Invoking the image of a picture of the Rebbe waving goodbye as he left to go to the Mikvah prior to praying at the Ohel, (the resting place of his predecessor) on the 27th of Adar 1992. Later that day, the Rebbe suffered a massive stroke in the midst of his supplications of behalf of the people of Israel. This heart stirring ballad expresses the yearnings of a Chassid as he reminisces the times he spent with Rebbe.

He struggles with the pain and void of the Rebbe’s physical absence, and how to carry on living. Yet, there is a part of him that soldiers on, that finds solace at the Ohel – (now the Rebbe’s resting place as well) and he continues to be inspired by the image of the Rebbe: his hand distributing charity, pouring blessed wine, and enthusiastically waving as he sings at the Farbrengen, urging the Chassid to reach higher, further and deeper.


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On a plane I sat in silence
With a picture in my hand
It’s image etched into my soul
In your eyes I see reflections
Of the world you helped me see
And I still can feel your presence
Guiding me

You were headed for that special place
A nation’s prayers written on your face
And from early light till the day is through
It’s where I now go
To be right next to you


Well I Know that I am living, but am I alive?
And though I see the sun each day
Do I see the light?
But as I view this picture
Like a sacred line of scripture
I see the light
The last time you waved goodbye

My mind’s awash with memories
As I behold your holy hand
And I think how about how empty life could be
But through all the gifts you gave me
Blessed wine, your precious time
You taught me that to give can you make you free

And when you waved your hand as we would sing
You would lift us up
Our souls on wings
And when we would dance
We could truly fly
Ten thousand hearts
Lighting up the sky


Now I know that I’m living
And that I’m alive
And now I see the sun each day
And I feel the light
As I view this picture
Like a sacred line of scripture
I see the light
The last time you waved goodbye

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