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The Garden

In his inaugural address on the 10th of Shvat, 5751 (January 17th, 1951) whereupon the Rebbe formally accepted the leadership of Chabad Lubavitch, he delivered an original Maamer, a Chassidic Mystical discourse. Entitled “Basi L’gani” - I’ve Come to My Garden, it was based on a verse from the Song of Songs in which the Divine Presence is described as returning to “the garden” an euphemism for Earth, from
where it was banished after the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and further banished by six sinful generations.
Abraham began the process of returning the Divine Presence to Earth, and his efforts were consummated seven generations later by Moses who built the Sanctuary, an earthly abode for G-d.

The Rebbe, the seventh leader in the dynasty of Chabad Rebbes, presented the agenda of our generation as completing the mission undertaken by his six predecessors; to disseminate the “wellsprings of Torah” as elucidated through Chabad philosophy, and thus prepare the world for its ultimate redemption, thereby effectuating the permanent return of the Shechinah back to the garden.


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Way back when our story does begin
The opening chapter tells of sin
His beautiful garden paradise
Tarnished perfection undone
A universal disconnect
From where it all came from
Abraham burst on the scene, made the Creator known
Moses was the chosen one to bring His presence home


I’ve come to My garden
It started in Eden so long ago
This world I made for you
My light, it shines through you
For all to know
All along you were My song
My love My joy and pride
In My garden of delight

That was then and things were going right
But the Temple fell
And sin had caused its plight
The garden’s light seemed ever gone, desolate and dark
And people wondered near and far searching for a little spark

The Baal Shem came and showed us all
To serve Hashem with joy
And remember that the garden is
The place He most enjoys


Now the world stands ready
The work is almost done
To bring His presence back forever
Let the garden’s light shine strong

The seventh man brought us to the end
Now to finish it all
On us it does depend


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