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Over the Top

The Rebbe would often quote the Rebbe Maharash (1834-1882) who would say: “The world says, if you can’t go around (an obstacle), go over the top, and I say, L’catchila Ariber, go straight “over the top” from the outset.”

This “over the top” attitude was prevalent in the way the Rebbe would encourage and exhort people to transcend limitations that may otherwise deem as insurmountable.
The song begins with the story of Tashlich in 1953, and how the Rebbe himself led by example and took it “over the top”.


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The skies were pouring rain
One Rosh Hashana day
And the walk to Tashlich was long
The spirits soared higher with each passing step
Like an army together in song

Out in front strode the general, leading his flock
The first to see the park gate was locked
He did not hesitate, he climbed straight over the gate
He led by example and showed us the way

So if you’re up against the wall
And seems so strong, so tall
Take it over the top, L’chatchila Ariber
Remember you’re a Jew
There’s a part of G-d in you
Let it carry you through L’chatchila Ariber

Hashem never puts an obstacle, a trial in our way
He knows we can’t overcome
Don’t hesitate, it’s not chance, it’s your fate
It’s yours to take on, yours to be won


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